About Minimum.

The single greatest thing you can do to save the world is be carbon neutral. Minimum makes that effortless.

The planet needs saving, urgently.

The climate crisis is the biggest existential threat the planet has ever faced, and the effects are already proving to be devastating. Even the most conservative estimates predict the loss of countless species and entire habitats, as well as hundreds of thousands of human lives, to natural disasters over the coming decades. The need to address this crisis is urgent, and to say the challenge is daunting is an understatement.

But success against the climate crisis is not a pipedream - we really can turn the tide on global warming, but only if we all act together: governments, corporations, individuals... you, me, us, everyone! We believe we can all start by taking responsibility for our own carbon footprints. That's hard, but Minimum exists to make it easier.

Minimum makes you carbon neutral effortlessly.

Being carbon neutral is the single most impactful thing an individual can do to help save the planet, but we know it's not easy to achieve. That's why we started Minimum: an app that makes it effortless to live a carbon neutral life.

We start by showing your carbon footprint, and what's causing it. We then give you personalised coaching on how you could reduce your carbon emissions based on your particular lifestyle, and track your improvements. Finally, we allow you to automatically offset all the emissions that you haven't been able to avoid, by investing your money into the best offsetting projects around the world, normally for the price of about two cups of coffee a week.

So this is our grand vision...

To create a world where living carbon neutral is so easy, and so accessible that it becomes the new normal for everyone, forever.

The plan is called
Project Zero.
Find out more about Project Zero here

Meet the team

Freddie Evans
Chris Winchurch
Freddie Green

"Our goal is to turn the tide on the climate crisis, and while it's a daunting task we're full of hope. The stakes have never been higher, but neither has awareness or willingness to engage. We see a world full of people that want to reverse climate change and are desperate to play their part.

That collective energy has the potential to save the world. But as individuals we know that the challenge can seem overwhelming. We're building Minimum to make things easier, and to empower you to make the difference. We want to help unlock that potential so you can help save the world."