Project Zero

Our masterplan:
Creating a world where carbon neutral is the new normal

What is it?

  • Project Zero is our masterplan to make it so easy to live with a net carbon impact of zero that it becomes the new normal for everyone, forever.
  • Why do we need it?

    We're on a truly terrifying trajectory: even if we lived on an entirely emission free planet from tomorrow onwards, the planet would continue to warm with devastating consequences. We have to act now. Being carbon neutral is the single most impactful thing an individual can do to save the planet, so we have to go for it!

Why do we need your help?

  • Because you can actually save the world. This isn't fanciful, it's true. If just the 15% richest people in the world became carbon neutral it would have 4x the impact of making every single car on the planet electric, as well as making all planes entirely emissions free, overnight. If you're in the UK and reading this on a laptop or phone, you're probably in that 15%.

How do we achieve Project Zero?

Go carbon zero in two stages:
  • 1. Reduce carbon emissions wherever possible.
  • 2. Neutralise the impact of emissions you can't reduce by supporting projects that either prevent further emissions entering the atmosphere, or remove existing emissions from the atmosphere.

    It's important to realise while reducing is always the best place to start, you can't reach carbon zero without neutralisation. While some carbon emissions are a choice, many are just a reality of living: every time you eat a salad, put on a wash, have a glass of wine, you're emitting some carbon! You will always have a carbon footprint,  so it's incredibly important to neutralise what you can't avoid.

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    How can Minimum help?

    Minimum can make you carbon neutral forever as soon as you've finished the ~60 second onboarding process. The moment you're signed we'll set you up with:
    Personalised coaching to help you reduce emissions across your lifestyle
    Automated contributions into our projects that net your personal carbon impact on an ongoing basis, forever.

    How much does it cost to neutralise my carbon footprint?

    On average about £5.25 a week, or about the price of a couple of cups of coffee. This could be done more cheaply, but we refuse to lower our standards, and will only work with the most effective projects in the world, where we can prove the impact. Saving the planet for the price of 2 cups a coffee a week... Not bad.