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Community Reforestation

Land Use and Forestry
Plan Vivo

This community-​based reforestation initiative is situated upon a critical watershed that feeds into one of Nicaragua’s most important estuaries, the Estero Real. This estuary is home to one of the biggest extensions of mangroves and migratory birds in the region, and has been recognized by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance. By reforesting this region, the programme plays an important role in regulating the hydrological cycle, provides important water and biodiversity benefits both locally and internationally and improves the quality of life of smallholder farmers.

UN Sustainable Development goals:
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Key benefits:

The project addresses the causes of deforestation, ensures direct, ongoing community involvement and technical training, and provides financial benefits for participants throughout the project. This occurs through payments for ecosystem services (PES) and income from timber and sustainable forest products. As a result, this multi-​faceted approach will reduce forest degradation by easing pressure on surrounding natural forest while at the same time sequestering quantifiable volumes of CO₂ from the atmosphere and improving the environmental and socio-​economic conditions of families located in the community of San Juan de Limay.

This project meets our rigorous criteria for offsetting projects. Here's why:
Plan Vivo certified
Quantifiable Impact
The trees are measured each year for growth, density, species composition and mortality in order to quantify the impact the project is having
Credits are only claimed for the trees planted by the project. The supporting activities will address the local causes of deforestation but these benefits are not claimed by the project
Owners of the land for the project must demonstrate that there is not a conflict with their subsistence activities and the project will support the local rural communities as well as addressing the local causes of deforestation.
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