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Protecting Rainforest

Protecting Forests
Gold Standard

Locally produced efficient Upesi stoves reduce wood consumption in Kenya and help to preserve the unique vegetation and biodiversity of Kakamega rainforest. The stoves have a cleaner burning process and thus decrease indoor air pollution and associated acute respiratory infections in women and children. Moreover, avoiding the burning of unsustainably harvested wood as fuel cuts down CO₂ emissions.

UN Sustainable Development goals:
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Key benefits:

The project creates local jobs, benefits gender equality and improves health outcomes. Women and girls, in particular, are no longer exposed to smoky open fires and are able to spend less time collecting firewood. A lot of women use this time to generate an additional income, such as through beekeeping or chamomile products. Small business opportunities that generate a regular income are essential for people in rural Kenya to achieve independence, which is a very important part of developing long-​term perspectives.

This project meets our rigorous criteria for offsetting projects. Here's why:
Gold Standard certified
Quantifiable Impact
Both the reduced need for firewood based on the stoves installed and the reduced deforestation are measured to quantify the impacts
Over the course of the project the proportion of households with efficient cookstoves has increased to 90% for households within 3-5km of the rainforest
The stoves are bought by local families on a generous finance deal to ensure local investment for long term sustainability
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