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Solar Replacing Fossil Fuels

Dominican Republic
Gold Standard

This project is installing the largest solar power plant in the Caribbean. It provides a clean alternative to the fossil fuel powered electricity generation for the region. The project also creates local skilled employment, a visitors center and a fund for social and educational activities. It is also assured that there will be no negative impact to the local environment from construction: at least an equal amount of native flora will be replanted next to the project site and there will also be additional plantation within the boundaries of the site.

UN Sustainable Development goals:
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Key benefits:

The project activity consists of the installation of a 60 Megawatt photovoltaic Solar Energy Farm in the Monte Plata province in the Dominican Republic. The expected solar irradiation per year (with 1,490 kWh/kWp) is approximately one and a half times higher than in Switzerland. 100 Giga Watt hours (equal to the consumption of 20,000 households in Switzerland) of electricity will be produced per year thanks to the ideal solar radiation conditions. It is the largest solar power plant in the Caribbean and the first of its kind in the region. It produces renewable, locally produced electricity for around 50,000 households in the Dominican Republic per year. Almost 70,000 t CO₂ are being reduced per year. This is equal to preventing the burning of around 26 million litres of fossil fuels.

This project meets our rigorous criteria for offsetting projects. Here's why:
Gold Standard certified
Quantifiable Impact
Energy generated from the solar farm is measured and can be translated into the equivalent emissions that would have been generated from the local energy mix​
The support of your offsets encourages additional funding, without which the solar plant would not have been constructed or maintained. In this way your donation has an impact far larger than what it alone would be able to pay for.
The benefits of the solar generation are ongoing and require minimal upkeep after installation. All necessary deforestation for construction is compensated for with reforestation just outside the project area
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