Saying Farewell to Minimum's Consumer App

Thank you so much for your interest in Minimum.

Minimum's ambition has always been to help create a world where carbon neutral is the new normal. One year ago we set out to achieve this goal with a product that could allow individuals to, for the first time, track, reduce and offset their carbon footprints in real-time. And, during our closed-beta we were able to start the journey towards creating a product that would do just that.

However, even a single year is a long time in the ever-evolving world of Sustainability and we have learned an enormous amount in that time. What we've learned is that, right now, Minimum can have a greater impact at achieving a net-zero world by focusing the product towards businesses rather than consumers (more on our thoughts below). Unfortunately we cannot focus on two business models at once at this early stage, and so we have decided to discontinue Minimum's Carbon Tracker app to focus on Minimum for Business.

Although Minimum will no longer exist in its current form, we're continuing the fight against climate change by helping businesses take their first steps towards carbon neutrality. If you're interested in why we made the switch, we had a few reasons:

If you're looking to use a service similar to Minimum, we can happily recommend the following providers

Thanks ever so much, once again, for your enthusiasm for the Minimum Carbon Tracker app. We're eternally grateful. And if you know of any businesses that would be interested in tackling their environmental impact, please do let us know!

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